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Ukrainian Skycutters. This medium size bird came from Nikolaev , Ukraine over one hundred years ago. They are different from other pigeons because when they fly they donít flap their wings like regular birds but fly with their wings in a circular motion. They can stay in one spot about a kilometer in the air for hours at a time. For a Ukrainian skycutter to perform like it should it has to be a pure bred, well taken care of, receiving good nutrition and daily training. Let them get comfortable with their surroundings, before you start training them. To train them just let them out daily, you will need to toss them in the beginning. You will have to make a coupe for them, protect from the elements and other animals. There are several different colors, black, red, yellow, spotted red and white, spotted black and white, blue bars, gray and other colors. If you are interested in more information, or if you would like pictures, please email me. 



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